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About Me

I'm the director of Hesperus, an early/traditional music group incorporated in 1979 that currently performs live early music scores to classic silent films, such as the Mark of Zorro and the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I play early and traditional bowed strings such as medieval and folk fiddles, viol, vielle and Pontic lyra. Since 1970 I've been teaching musical skills, playing by ear, improvisation, how to read music, and workshops in specific musical styles. I do theater improv and am studying jazz.

Teaching Style

I teach to the student, which means that I do a diagnostic, find out what the student needs to learn, and try to figure out how to teach it to them. People learn in all sorts of different ways, so it's not enough to teach the way you've always taught.

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Some Supplies You Might Need

People generally sing or play an instrument in my lessons. I teach fiddle and early music string instruments. When I teach musical skills, any instrument or voice is fine.