Published May 3, 2018
Cheryl Maroney-Beaver, left, and her mother Tina Ingram-Murphy sing while cooking soul food with family.
Why should you attend this event? Why do Apprenticeships matter? Virginia State Folklorist Jon Lohman explains:

“When I began my tenure as Virginia State Folklorist in 2001, I visited communities and tradition bearers all across the Commonwealth with one main question: What concerns would you most like your State Folklife Program to address? The overwhelming response I received across communities and regions was a deep concern that their treasured traditions were dying out, and they were looking for ways both to help keep them thriving and to honor those who practice them. It was then that we wrote the first grant to create the Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Program. Since the program’s inception, more than 200 masters and apprentices have worked together to not only help ensure that our treasured folkways survive, but thrive and evolve. And along the way, countless Virginians have been recognized as true masters of their crafts. The Showcase, bringing together graduating and incoming apprenticeship pairs, celebrates these masters and introduces their traditional art forms to the public.”

2017-2018 Apprenticeship Highlights:

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