Published October 26, 2009

AdamMany of the musicians who perform at fiddler’s conventions and music festivals throughout southern Appalachia are, in fact, young kids.

Late in the night, long past their bedtimes, children and teenagers can be found jamming alongside seasoned musicians at festivals.  Sometimes, it’s the youngest in the circle that is leading with a solo and pushing the pace.  In this month’s “Folklife FieldNote,” I share cuts from my archive recordings of remarkable young musicians who are keeping bluegrass and old time musical traditions vibrant.

See video of Will Jones jamming at age 14 and at age 18

Will Jones’s family band – the Cana  Ramblers

Adam Larkey

Wondering who that was at the end of the piece singing the Beatles’ tune? That was Avery Deacons, 14, of Johnson City, TN.

Learning Experience

Virginia History in Song

What can songs teach us about history?