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Arlington County | Teaching Artist

Areas of Expertise:Acoustic Fingerstyle Blues w/ Vocals aka Piedmont Blues

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Rick Franklin was born in Alexandria, Virginia in 1952 to a military family. The family traveled the US and England until 1968 when the family returned to Virginia and his father retired from military service. Since 1981, the Arlington, Virginia resident has been playing acoustic guitar and singing the Blues at community events, local festivals, international festivals, as well as various clubs, cafes and other venues. Rick has also worked with the STEAM program in Arlington County middle schools. Rick’s musical style of blues is known as the “Piedmont” style identified with such legendary players as Blind Blake, Blind Boy Fuller and William Moore along with players and friends like “Bowling Green” John Cephas, John Jackson, and Archie Edwards.

Teaching Style

Rick's teaching style incorporates the following elements -

How to Play Fingerstyle Guitar - Guitar Lesson, Chord Progressions w Alternating Bass and Using a Capo

What is Alternating Bass?
How to Play Alternating Bass
Bass Notes You Can Use for Common Open Chords
Fingerpicking Hand Position
Finger Names
Using Your Thumb
Using Your Fingers
Thumb & Fingers Exercise
Rolling Technique
Rolling Up Exercise
Rolling Down Exercise
Rolling Exercise
Constant Bass Technique
Musical Application – Common Chord Progressions
How Many Chords Do I Have to Practice?
Using the Capo to Change Keys
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Some Supplies You Might Need

I need no additional supplies for the lessons. I do need the students to have their guitars, a good attitude with a desire to make a joyful noise!