Tara Linhardt

Loudoun County | Teaching and Performing Artist

Areas of Expertise:mandolin, guitar, and ukulele instruction

About Me

I have been teaching music lessons in person and on line for many years now. I also do some performances and have run my own music camps and the like. I am originally from Taylorstown, VA. My mailing and permanent address is in Leesburg, VA at present, though because of the Corona weirdness I am currently rather stuck in Kathmandu, Nepal. The airport here suddenly shut down and will be shut for at least the next few weeks. I am still teaching some on line lessons to students in the US from here however.

Teaching Style

I like to make learning music fun and enjoyable. I like to help my students to be able to play music with others also if they wish too. I have had a lot of luck helping my students get over fears of jamming with others or fears and problems with performing in front of others. I also have some good techniques to help students learn and get comfortable improvising. I teach bluegrass, old time, blues, Irish, and Swing Jazz styles mostly. A lot of my musical influences over the years have been at some of the fiddlers conventions of VA where I jammed and competed and occasionally took ribbons as well as made pickin' buddies who I often later ended up playing gigs with. I really enjoy helping people learn to feel comfortable and encouraged in their musical pursuits and also to become good musicians and to help them feel comfortable and have a great time with music.

Available By

Zoom, FaceTime, Google Hangout, Skype, WhatsApp, Other

Other Platforms

Some people have had portals from their practice that I have logged onto also.

Payments Accepted


Some Supplies You Might Need

Students need to have an instrument and an electric tuner, and a computer or ipad (or other tablet) or smartphone that has a camera and a mic. Students should have a pen and paper handy. If the student does have a printer or access to a printer that is a big bonus since it makes it easier for them to read over possible tab or sheet music or charts I might send that I would like them to practice. If they do not have a printer, people can learn from seeing thee materials on their computer or tablet screens, but it is nicer for them to print them out I think.
Students can pay through Google Pay, Zelle, or Pay Pal.

Minimum Performance Rate


Technical and Venue Requirements

Depends on what I am supposed to do at a given show or talk.