Nicholas Falk

Galax | Teaching Artist

Areas of Expertise:Drumming: Jazz, Rock n' Roll, Funk, Americana, New Orleans

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About Me

I am a drummer and music producer living in Galax, VA. I have been a professional touring musician for over a decade and perform with artists including: Molly Tuttle, Dori Freeman, and The Wood Brothers. I have performed in all imaginable venues from tiny to massive and in 18 countries throughout the world.
I have always had a love for grooves and music that makes people want to dance. I especially love drumming and rhythms originating in the New Orleans Jazz and Funk traditions. I am fascinated by how these beats have transformed over time and found their way into contemporary music.

Teaching Style

I like to start with a rudimental approach, focusing on relaxed and comfortable hand technique. This can be done on a practice pad or snare drum. Through the rudimental studies students will also work on their skills in reading music based on the level of the student.
For students interested in the drum set, listening to recordings and understanding grooves is essential. I encourage students to play along with songs they enjoy and we work together to figure out how parts work together to create a groove.

Payments Accepted

PayPal, Venmo

Additional Work

Some Supplies You Might Need

Pair of drum sticks and a pad is all that is necessary.
Students who have a drum set or any variation is also great based on the level and specific interests (my first drum set was a snare drum and a card board box with a kick pedal)