Madeline Holly-Sales

Charlottesville | Teaching and Performing Artist

Areas of Expertise:Singing, Piano

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About Me

I am a vocalist, musician and music educator. I'm influenced and inspired by a variety of genres, ranging from soul to samba. My passion is helping individuals explore the capacity for full creative expression through breath, singing, sound, and rhythm. I believe singing is a gift that everyone has access to and am thankful for its capacity to express the fullness of what it means to be human in this world - particularly at this time. I give private lessons in singing and piano.

Teaching Style

For both singing and piano, I combine classical and contemporary technique and skill building to help each student find more freedom, ease, and expression through music. My role is the nurture the artistic spirit in each person and a lifelong love of music.

Available By

Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype

Payments Accepted

PayPal, Venmo, Invoice

Some Supplies You Might Need

High speed internet
When needed, I can send pdfs and audio or video files

Minimum Performance Rate

$2,000 for a duo

Technical and Venue Requirements

We can provide stage plots and tech riders for any venue and have our own sound equipment in case the venue does not.