Jesse Maw

Grayson County | Teaching Artist

Areas of Expertise:Oldtime Fiddle, Bluegrass Fiddle, Jazz Fiddle, Mandolin, Guitar, Music Theory, Composition

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About Me

Jesse Maw is a National Oldtime Fiddle Champion who has immersed himself in the world of music since the age of 5. Jesse has performed in countless bands performing musical styles ranging from old-time and bluegrass to swing, jazz, and fusion. In addition, he has performed with master musicians Mark O'Connor, Jerry Douglas, Brent Mason, and Gonzalo Bergara, and has served as an instructor at workshops and festivals across the U.S., including the Shasta Music Summit, the Crown of the Continent Guitar Festival, and Djangofest Northwest. Currently, Jesse hosts a growing online platform of self-published fiddle content called "Maw Fiddle," where he posts lessons, videos, and recordings meant to inspire and push the boundaries of fiddling.

Teaching Style

Jesse can provide useful instruction in many musical subjects at any level that is comfortable for the student, ranging from beginner to high-level professional. Lessons are directed towards what most drives and inspires the student, and what strategies most effectively help in attaining long-lasting results. Jesse teaches mostly by ear and feel, but is also open to providing music and/or lead sheets when needed. The goal is to form a love and understanding of music while growing coherence in creativity, performance, and overall musicianship.

The musical subjects include any or all in:
• Fiddle styles
• Jazz and Swing Violin
• Mandolin
• Improvisation
• Arranging
• Composition
• Music Theory
• Performance Psychology

Available By

Zoom, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger, Skype

Payments Accepted

PayPal, Venmo

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Some Supplies You Might Need

An instrument (or none if theory student) and a note taker of your choice

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