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Richard Pippin and Melissa Jones and Zoe Bearinger

By one estimate, humans took more than 900 billion photographs in 2015 and shared more than 200,000 images per minute on Facebook. This flood of digital images is unprecedented, but …


Virginia Folklife Program partners with Google Cultural Institute to bring one-of-a-kind eastern Virginia gospel recordings online

More than 180 digital assets from the ​Virginia Folklife Program can be viewed online thanks to a new partnership with the Google Cultural Institute. By partnering with cultural institutions worldwide, …


Gallery Opening at the Floyd Country Store

We had a great opening at the Floyd Country Store last night for our Apprenticeship Program gallery. Many past masters and apprentices showed up, including Buddy Pendleton and his apprentice …

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Galleries Host Virginia Folklife Program Photographs

Photographs from the Virginia Folklife Program made by staff photographer Pat Jarrett are on display at two separate galleries in the Commonwealth this summer and fall. Jarrett’s photographs of Joe …

Sights & Sounds

The (Real) Most Interesting Man in the World: Remembering Bob Cage

The sad news of the passing of our dear friend Bob Cage, at 91, brings me back to the first moment I pulled up to Bob’s property in South Boston, …

Sights & Sounds

Garrett Queen and Lana Lambert

Prior to the advent of photocopiers, short run quick print, email, and “social media,” the local letterpress (job-shop) was the primary producer of the vast majority of materials for mass …

Sights & Sounds

Remembering Earl Blake: Carnival Costume Master

We are shocked and sad to report the passing of Virginia Folklife Master Artist Earl Blake, who died unexpectedly at his home on Saturday, June 16. A dear friend of …

Sights & Sounds

Ubaldo Sanchez and Jorge Cabrera

Alfombras de arracin (rice carpets) are created in Guatemalan cities and villages during Holy Week. Using dyed sawdust, rice, dried beans, and other vegetable materials, teams of artists create a …

Sights & Sounds

Mary Beery and Joan Knight and Mollie Beery

The Shenandoah Valley has long been home to some of the country’s finest quilters. Among those who have contributed to the quilting tradition of the region are the Mennonites, who …

Sights & Sounds

Clyde Jenkins and Sam Cave

The traditional skill of making baskets from white oaks is hundreds of years old, involving an in-depth study of the grain structure of the tree. Each white oak tree behaves …

Sights & Sounds

Norman Amos and John Buck

The art of snake cane carving is practiced throughout the world, and has a rich history in southern Appalachia. The process begins when a vine wraps itself around a tree …

Sights & Sounds

Mildred Moore and Bonnie Sears

The Pamunkey Indian potters have been creating their distinctive blackware pottery since before the first contact with Europeans in 1607. Born and raised on the Pamunkey Indian Reservation, Mildred Moore …

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