Published January 13, 2021

By Pat Jarrett, Acting Director – Virginia Folklife Program

I know we’re not the only ones missing live music this year, and I’m certainly not the only person whose heart breaks for the lost months without attending a live show. It’s almost cliche to bring it up at this point, but this time away has really shown me what’s important in life. For me, live music brightens my spirit and feeds my soul. To so many others, playing music literally puts food on the table.

Something we’ve been trying to do here at the Virginia Folklife Program is find a way to support and celebrate traditional artists during this time, using the assets available to us. We have been deeply involved in public music programming for years, from house concerts to fiddlers’ conventions and everything in between. Many of these performances have been documented on video over the years, but more often than not the tapes have been relegated to a dusty shelf or stored in a box in a closet somewhere.

Recently, we’ve been diving deep into this tape archive, making a concerted effort to identify and preserve the amazing documentation stored on sensitive tapes. And now, we want to share these performances with you all. 

Join us on the last Tuesday of each month for a new streaming show, Uncovered: From the Vault of the Virginia Folklife Program. Every month we will be showing a selection from our archives and speaking with the artist or artists involved. 

The lunchtime performances will be broadcast live on Zoom and our Facebook page. Register in advance (for free) to watch on Zoom, where you’ll be able to ask the artists questions. The videos will be uploaded to our YouTube page after that for later viewing. 

Check our events page for updates and follow us on Facebook and YouTube. The first in our series will take place Tuesday January 26 at noon and will feature Rev. Tarrence Paschall of the Paschall Brothers talking with our good friend, and former Virginia Folklife Program director, Jon Lohman about a memorable 2004 performance at the Prism Coffee House, in Charlottesville.