From Sublime to Divine: Apprenticeship Showcase in Pictures

Thank you to all who came out for an awesome Virginia Humanities Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase this past Sunday at James Monroe’s Highland. While setup was done in what was at times a downpour, the clouds dissipated by showtime. The crowds were large and engaged, the contortionists were mind blowing, the baklava and moonshine were divine, and the music was sublime. We are so proud that Governor Ralph Northam and Senator Creigh Deeds joined more than 1,200 attendees to take in the rich and diverse folk traditions of the Commonwealth. Congratulations to all the master artists and apprentices!


2 Comments on “From Sublime to Divine: Apprenticeship Showcase in Pictures”

  1. Amy

    Hey guys…don’t you think you overdid it a little by including Governor Northram’s attendance on EVERY photo caption? We are pretty sure everyone caught on to the fact that he was there.

    1. Folklife

      Hi Amy. Thank you for your note. The reason for the repeated mention is that we duplicate the boilerplate text in each caption. It takes a tremendous amount of time to caption each individually, and we have been pretty swamped recovering from the Showcase. When we have time in the future we will edit these down some.
      Thanks, the Folklife team.