Published April 27, 2018

Rain or shine, please join us for Virginia Folklife Apprenticeship Showcase on Sunday, May 6 from 12:00 to 5:00pm at James Monroe’s Highland.

Do I need a ticket? How much does it cost?
This event is free, there is no admission fee and no ticket. Just show up! Bring your friends and family!

How do I get there?
Directions are here. Parking is available on site. The address is 2050 James Monroe’s Parkway, Charlottesville VA 22902.

What happens at the Showcase?
It’s a festive event where apprenticeship teams demonstrate their skills in a wide range of traditional art forms, including music, crafts, and food.

Is there a schedule?
Click here for the performance and demonstration schedule.

Should I bring my kids?
Yes! Volunteers of James Monroe’s Highland will provide kids activities and games.

What can I eat there? Does it cost money?
Come hungry! Food will be for sale on site. Joey’s Hotdogs, Brunswick Stew by the Proclamation Stew Crew, plates of soul food by Tina Ingram-Murphy and her family, fried apple pies made by Frances Davis, and Argentine empanadas from Marta and Gabriel Palchik will all be for sale. Sondus Asad Moussa will also have samples of her delicious baklava available.

What can I drink? Do drinks cost money?
Water and sodas will be $1, with free juice boxes available for kids. For those 21 and older, we’ll have moonshine from the apprenticeship team of Chris Prillaman and Tanner Talley and their legal moonshine operation, Twin Creeks Distillery. Beer and wine also will be available for purchase.

Should I bring cash?
Yes, cash is preferable, but we can take checks. We also can take credit cards, though not all vendors can take them. You may need to exchange plastic for cash with our information desk.

Are there restrooms?
Yes, full service restroom facilities are located next to the Highland gift shop. Portable toilets will be located near the Pavilion.

Are dogs allowed?
Only service animals are allowed on the property. Please, no pets.

What’s the weather going to be?
Ha, if we only knew! Plan for springtime in Virginia which means a little bit of everything. The performance stage is under Highland’s beautiful outdoor Pavilion and we’ll have tents sent up in case of rain.

Are there chairs?
Yes, we will have audience chairs and tables for eating. There’s also plenty of gorgeous green grass to stroll around on.

What kind of music is there?
A little bit of everything: old-time (Twin Creeks Stringband), bluegrass (Nate Leath with Eli and Aila Wildman and Phyllis Gaskins and Anna Stockdale), jazz and swing (Bert Carlson and Danny Knicely), Sephardic ballads (Susan Gaeta and Gina Sobel), Persian classical (Nader Majd and Ali Analouei), Vietnamese Dan Bau (Nam Phuong Nguyen and Anh Dien Nguyen), and gospel (Cora Harvey Armstrong and Samantha Willis).

What else will I see?
Amazing crafts! Decoys (Grayson Chesser, Mark and P.G. Ross, Drew Sturgis, and Andy Dunton), hand-made banjos (Greg Galbreath and Peter Keller), Bolivian mesa rituals (Julia Garcia and Gloria Encinas), hand-hewn logs (Gary and Tommy Horton), hot rod cars (Jeff and Jeremy Bennett), a moonshine still (Chris Prillaman and Tanner Talley), heirloom apple trees (Clyde Jenkins), and hand-made candy (Gene Williams and Lee Bagley).