Published September 15, 2014
Cheryl Maroney of the Family of Praise Gospel Choir knows how to start a dance party (photo by Pat Jarrett/VFH Staff)

1:00pm Bluegrass with Linda and David Lay with Randy Cook

1:30pm Opening remarks by Jon Lohman, State Folklorist and director of the Virginia Folklife Program

1:50pm Bluegrass Fiddle with Billy Baker and Jack Hinshelwood

2:05pm Sephardic Ballads with Flory Jagoda and Howard Bass

2:25pm Gospel and Blues with the Holmes Brothers, Whitney Nelson, and Morgan Burrs

2:45pm Bluegrass Mandolin with Danny Knicely and Jack Dunlap

3:00pm Recognition of Crafters

3:30pm Accordion with Dale Wise

3:45pm Oyster Shucking Contest with Deborah Pratt and Clementine Macon

4:00pm Balalaika with Andrei Saveliev and Aaron Mott

4:15pm Mountain Music Breakdown with Aila and Eli Wildman and friends

4:40pm Gospel with Family of Praise Choir


Learning Experience

Virginia History in Song

What can songs teach us about history?